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Mat Classes

In a Pilates Mat class the emphasis is on quality, not quantity, of the exercise. So the first couple of classes are focused on technique and will gradually increase in difficulty. Always keeping true to the core Pilates principles, in a matclass you will stretch and strengthen, sometimes making use of nothing more than your body, other times, we may use small equipment, such as foam rollers, magic circles, Theraband, Aquaswings and drifters* to enhance the exercises and add variety.

We try to keep our class sizes small (4 to 5) so that we get to know you a bit which will allow us to incorporate exercises into the programme that are more beneficial to you. If we know you have had a knee operation and need to strengthen your thigh, we will add in a couple of thigh strengthening exercises. If you are a group of runners, swimmers, cyclists or martial artists, we can create a programme that fits the special needs for your particular sport.

You commit to an 8 week block. This means that everyone in the group is roughly at the same level and can progress at the same rate. You also get to know your "mat-mates", making class a bit less formal.

In a mixed equipment/circuit class you will spend 10 minutes on each piece of equipment, with a "mat-break" in between equipment. You work at your own pace, following a list of exercises. The exercises are such that at the end of class every bodypart has had its "chance to shine".

Pilates based Suspension classes are 50 minutes long as they can be more challenging than 'normal' mat classes. Suspension systems offer more functional exercises with a bit more emphasis on upper body (good for summer!). 

Don't want to come to the studio? If you can arrange a space and enough people, we gladly come to you. Ring to discuss rates and "block length".


Timetable 2021 - Starting February 9rd (provisional time-table)

MONDAY                        7.30 - 8.30pm                                        

TUESDAY                         6.30 - 7.30pm

                                       7.30 - 8.30pm

WEDNESDAY                 9.15 - 10.15am

                                       6.30 -  7.30pm     (Super-advanced Men-only class) 

                                       7.30 - 8.30pm      







Mat at your (work)place:

Ring (021-168 7424) for available times.


 Classes full or not the right time? Ring me and we might be able to organise an extra class


At the studio

Mat class: $120 for 8 weeks

Suspension class $120 for 8 weeks (50 minutes)

Circuit class $160 for 8 weeks (max. 3 people)

"Mat at your place"

Depending on number and location


Payment can be made in cash, cheque or direct debited.

Classes cancelled within 12 hours are charged full fee