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General Testimonials
Gabriel Bradly
12 December 2016
I've flown down from Auckland twice to see Mariska after finding she was the only person trained in Stecco therapy, and I wasn't disappointed. I've seen a dozen different health professionals for constant shoulder, neck and hip pain I've been experiencing over a 2.5 year period. Mariska was the only person who, in the space of just two sessions, was able to resolve my hip pain and significantly reduce the pain in my left shoulder and neck. This has been life changing for me, to finally find someone who really understood what was causing my pain and give me hope that I could one day be pain free. Thank you Mariska for going out of your way to help me. I am truly grateful to have found you!
Fascial Manipulation
26 April 2015
Hi Mariska

I wished to send you a quick email as thanks for introducing me to Fascial Manipulation and helping me work towards marathon running.

Your sessions are very helpful in releasing muscular tension in my body, and unlike deep tissue massage, I find I can exercise freely the next day without pain or discomfort.

Your sense of humour is great and this makes our sessions fun and entertaining, and your knowledge of different massage techniques and trigger points is wide and varied.

The room you use at your house for massage and pilates is very well organised, and well presented.

In training for endurance events in the past, I have found a good massage therapist highly beneficial, but finding a good therapist can take a long time. I am delighted to have been referred to you and I no longer need to search for someone else.

I would happily recommend you to anyone for Fascial Manipulation and can be contacted via this email address if they would like an independent reference.

Thanks again

28 November 2013
I have had back problems for more years than I care to remember caused by poor flexibility, an office job, golf and running. I've tried pretty much everything over the years: physios, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncture, yoga and Pilates. Pilates has been the best of those improving my core and giving me greater flexibility. But the pain, sometimes mild and sometimes worse, has been a constant for many years.

So I asked Mariska for a fascial manipulation. After the first session I felt temporary improvement but nothing significant. So Mariska had another go and the results have been great. For two months I've been pain free. My back is still stiff at times and my flexibility is pathetic but the pain is gone. I won't say gone forever but at least I know where to go if it returns.

24 November 2013
For a raft of reasons I have for a long time had problems with my neck and shoulders.
Physiological problems, exacerbated by age and a desk bound job.

At worst, these problems lead to severe migraines and I am often in discomfort and every now and then acute pain.

I have found myo-fascia work to be the best at easing the problems and if I get it done as soon as the problems are acute, the lumps and bumps and pain goes away.

It’s painful to be honest, but it’s a pain that’s worth it as the sore bits ease up and I can move freely again.

There are so many other practises out there that propose to work but they don't seem to have worked on acute problems, like the work that Mariska does.

I would highly recommend Mariska to anyone who really needs deep work to help a sore body.

The effects and benefits are almost instantaneous and I can't recommend it enough. The results speak for themselves (at risk of sounding like a salesperson.)

Grant Morrison
3 June 2013
I saw Mariska recently after getting her details from one of my yoga teachers. A couple of years back I strained my lower back doing deadlifts and didn’t get it looked at. I took a break from weights and took up yoga but the continual bending obviously never gave my back a chance to relax. It got to a point recently where the lower right back muscle would stay tight all day.

After just one session with Mariska it is now 100% better. I don’t wake up with a stiff back and yoga is now fun, not a chore. I cannot believe how quickly this worked. I’ve had chiropractic work and massages but none worked for this particular problem. I’m going back soon to get my knee fixed!