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Thursday, 07 February 2013 07:20

New Name - Same Service

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Sometimes when you say a word over and over too often it starts to lose its meaning. “Point and Flex” is a common command in any pilates class, and frankly we're sick of hearing it – we've been called Point & Flex Pilates for over ten years, and it's time for a change.

As our client base has grown it's gone from almost exclusively female to almost one third male and we thought the new logo should reflect this by removing the feminine hibiscus from the logo.

Enter the Platypus. The story goes that when the platypus was first discovered, scholars thought it was a hoax: sewn together from parts of other creatures. Duck bill, otter body, beaver tail – a mammal that lays eggs, with both mammal and reptile DNA (plus a bit of bird to keep things even more interesting).

At Platypus Pilates we combine different disciplines, including yoga and martial arts, without losing the Pilates principles, so we can offer you the best possible experience

Unfortunately building a website is like being stung by the Platypus's venomous spur….it hurts and heals slowly!

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